Personal Coaching

I’ll meet you for private waching session that are usually shceduled weekly or bi-weekly. To give you all the necesary attention to help you overcome the problems in your life.

Group Coaching

Using my tried of true proprietary programs,  I’ll coach small groups (usually up to 10) 90 minutes fro 6-8 weeks. 

My Story

Sally has been a professional life-coach and speaker for nearly a decade. After her own personal transformational journey that included years of intense study…


Through personal one on one or group waching I help people shift from BLAH to BLISS. Do you realize that a single degree off course in an airplane for 60 mile will place that plane nearly a mile from their target?  Where in your life are you off course? You are already doing the best you can with what you got. If you knew better you’d do better.

Even a slight shift in awarness followed by ation can put you back on course. I’ll give you concrete tools to help you. LIFE CHANGING shift happens over TIME, not over night. 

You can do life Blissfully