About Sally

Sally has been a professional life-coach and speaker for nearly a decade. After her own personal transformational journey that included years of intense study, numerous seminars, diligent personal work and mentoring; she finally partnered with her mentor, internationally-regarded trainer, speaker and author; Bob Proctor (The Secret.) Sally became recognized as one of Procor’s elite “Certified LifeSuccess consultants.

Sally has been tutored under the personal auspices of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Lisa Nichols, Brian Tracy, Dr. Tony Alessandra, PhD, Mary Manin Morrissey and many others. 

Her proprietary programs include: “Blah to Bliss” and “I AM Here Now,” both designed to help her clients transform their inner being, so the results in their lives are more fulfilling.

Sally was widowed in 2014 which enabled her to carefully analyze her own experience and now share with others her ground-breaking program, “Good Grief;” designed to help those dealing with loss to fully JOY back to their BLISS.

Sally’s passion for living her life ‘on purpose and with purpose’ oozes from her, along with her fun and nurturing style. She’s a very engaging public speaker with dynamic messages. She’s big on smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses…and believes life is an adventure to be enjoyed.

One of her most valued titles is mom. In 1998 she was honored by The American Mothers Association in NYC to represent Texas as the Texas Young Mother of the Year.

Sally is the mother of 4 and grandmother of 14. She often visits her beloved Texas, and lives near Salt Lake City, Utah.